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Competent Drone Pilot - Telecom (PACI-CRS-6-P-021)
Competent Drone Pilot - Telecom (PACI-CRS-6-P-021)
Competent Drone Pilot – Telecom (CDP-T) is a training program to safely fly unmanned aircraft (drone) and become part of the PPE on a cell tower construction crew. The 32-hour CDP-T Certificate of Completion course will allow an Owner,...
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Qualified Drone Cell Tower Operator (QDCO)
Qualified Drone Cell Tower Operator (QDCO)
The Qualified Drone Cell Tower Operator (QDCO) is an entry level certification into both the Wireless Cell Tower Industry and Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS or drone) commercial operations. The 122-hour QDCO Certificate course will allow...
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RF Awareness
RF Awareness
Radio Frequency (RF) Safety Training course is conducted by knowledgeable, technical instructors capable of responding to questions regarding Radio Frequency Health and Safety issues. We’re committed to RF awareness safety training. This is a...
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